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Elite Academy is a Safety and Security Tier 1 training institution from the United Kingdom. We have been in Kenya since 2018 and have been established to provide professional training for Kenya’s industrious workforce. Elite continually strive to deliver quality, general and specialist training and manpower Supply services for in private security, health and safety and food safety.

Elite applies an international approach and professionalism to the local context, anywhere in the world. Elite is dedicated to providing a quality service, our ethos and attention to detail stems from years of British management and commercial experience.

Elite is a client responsive organisation, wherever possible we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions to complex problems. We operate to meet the needs of our clients in a timely and professional manner and to deliver services as agreed. Elite recognise the importance of working in true partnership to maximise performance and add client value.

We are honoured to be in Kenya at a time of great reforms in the fields we specialize in. We have developed capacity through facilities and trainers and are continuing to invest in a country that has a population with the knowledge, desire and capacity to succeed anywhere in the world.

We are particularly proud of the private security reforms currently underway. The Uk went through this process in 2003 and the gains the industry made then and continues to make now in a regulated regime are enormous. Public safety and security has improved, individual private security providers enjoy better working conditions and businesses are profitable.

We bring to Kenya our experience and are ready to work with the government, industry and the workforce that ensures Kenya has pride of place in the global private security industry. Our compliance assistance program through training is surely going to offer you the advantage to ensure you comply in time.