Elite Academy eLearning

Elite Academy eLearning is an on-demand, interactive, pre-recorded, self-paced online learning platform that puts the digital-first approach to learning and development. Our platform is built to ensure that we support you to achieve your learning and development needs. We provide the best online teaching tools to ensure our instructors deliver the best educational website in Kenya and learners get the best security certifications.

Our courses are in Private Security, Food Safety, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Law Enforcement, and First Aid.

Our courses are broken down into Modules. Every Module has Lessons in it. Every Lesson has a quiz that allows you to recap a lesson. Every Module then has an assessment at the end. The quizzes and assessments help you prepare for a final certification exam. Online Certificates are awarded after the final exam.

We have endeavored to keep all our content current making sure you are exposed to all new developments within your career. Our instructors and administrators are available to you for the subject matter or administrative queries from the point of enrolment until you finish the course.

Digital-first learning especially for continuing professional development has many benefits. It is on-demand, available when you need it, and offers the flexibility that fits within your timelines.  It is consistent since learners get the best and the same delivery across time.

Updates to course information or content are updated regularly while the instructor remains accessible to you on request. Discussion forums ensure all discussions and views on the topic are available to you always offering a great opportunity of learning from other colleagues. Finally, examination and certification are immediate meaning you do not have to wait for results or certificates.

Our courses are designed under an internationally accredited framework that ensures learning and development takes place giving you, your employer, clients, professional body or regulator the assurance that you have the ability to perform the certified functions.